7 Best Tracking Apps Without Permission (Enhance Your Tracking Capabilities)

Explore the Best Tracking Apps without Permission.

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Discover the Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission: Track Someone Unobtrusively:

In the digital age, tracking apps have become essential tools for various purposes, including personal safety, location sharing, and parental control. While many tracking apps require permission to access a user’s location, there are also alternatives available that offer advanced tracking features without the need for explicit consent. In this article we will explore the 7 best tracking apps without permission in 2023, empowering users to enhance their tracking capabilities while maintaining their privacy.

BEST Phone Tracker App without Permission

1. mSpy: Best for tracking Multiple Devices simultaneously.

2. eyeZy: Best for tracking cell phones.

3. Cocospy: Best for tracking Remote Devices.

4. uMobix: Best for tracking cell phone activity in real-time.

5. SpyBubble: Best for tracking Instant Real-time GPS.

6. Hoverwatch: Best for Superior geolocation features.

7. Intelius: Best for tracking all phone types.

1. mSpy
picture of mSpy

mSpy offers a comprehensive solution for remotely accessing and monitoring data and activities on any smartphone, irrespective of whether it runs on Android or iOS. With its advanced features, it allows you to track both incoming and outgoing messages and calls, keep an eye on browser usage, and even obtain the real-time location of the target device. Remarkably, mSpy operates discreetly on the target phone, ensuring that its presence goes unnoticed.


  • Tracking Multiple Devices Simultaneously-Streamline Your Monitoring Efforts.
  • Get instant access to your current GPS location and routes.
  • 24/7 multi-lingual customer support.
  • Invisible mood.
  • Screen Recorder.
  • Keylogger.
  • Browsers History & BookMarks.
2. eyeZy
Picture of Eyezy

eyeZy can be installed covertly on a target device, allowing you to monitor calls, track GPS location in real time, and observe online activity. Notably, eyeZy records every keyword typed on the device and offers a geofencing feature that notifies you when the device owner enters or exits designated zones on the map.


  • Geolocation GPS Tracking.
  • Social Media Application Tracking.
  • Block websites to visit.
  • Files finder.
3. Cocospy

Cocospy provides a phone tracking app that allows you to monitor both Android and iOS devices discreetly, without the device owner’s knowledge. With its powerful stealth mode, you can track cell phone activity without raising any suspicion, ensuring 100% invisibility.

To get started, create a Cocospy account, gain access to the target device, and install Cocospy on it. Once installed, log in to your Cocospy account and begin tracking the device.

Cocospy enables you to track incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, browser activity, and even read WhatsApp conversations. Its geofencing feature stands out as one of its notable capabilities.


  • Call Tracker
  • SMS Reader
  • Social Media Spy
  • Geofence Alert
  • Track SIM Locations.

4. uMobix

uMobix is a phone tracker app that operates discreetly on the target device, remaining hidden from the device owner. It offers a wide range of functionalities you would expect from a covert phone spying app. You can track both incoming and outgoing calls, monitor sent and received messages, and accurately locate the device in real time on a map. Additionally, uMobix allows you to remotely access and retrieve all stored videos and images from the target device. Notably, it excels in logging all keystrokes and passwords, thanks to its superior keylogging feature. Moreover, uMobix stands out by offering the ability to spy on various social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.


  • Call and Message tracking
  • Capture Media files remotely
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Social App tracker
5. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is an excellent cell phone spy app that enables real-time tracking of all activities on the target device. Once installed, it provides the precise GPS location of the device in real-time, thanks to its remarkable Geofinder feature. With SpyBubble, you can monitor calls, messages, social app activity, and browsing history on the target device. The app also includes a powerful keylogger that records every word typed on the device, making it an ideal choice for parents who want to keep an eye on their child’s cell phone usage.


  • Call log tracking
  • Geofinder
  • Social app tracker
  • Message Monitoring
6. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch stands out among mobile tracking apps for its simplicity and convenience. Once installed, it immediately starts monitoring all cell phone activities while remaining completely undetectable to the phone’s user. What sets Hoverwatch apart is its exceptional geolocation capabilities. By utilizing Wi-Fi towers, GPS, and cell towers, the app accurately determines the location of the monitored device. Even if the phone’s user changes the SIM card, Hoverwatch will continue tracking and notify you each time a SIM card replacement occurs. Notably, Hoverwatch has the ability to track up to 5 devices simultaneously.


  • The monitored phone automatically takes screenshots, capturing the screen at regular intervals.
  • The front camera of the targeted phone captures photos every time it is unlocked.
  • Monitor Phone Internet history.
  • Online Messenger App tracking.

7. Intelius

Intelius is a user-friendly phone monitoring app designed to help you remotely track your children’s activities effortlessly. With Intelius, you can easily set up a geo-fence and receive alerts whenever your child enters or leaves a designated area. This tool provides a visual and clear representation of the targeted device’s location on Google Maps, making tracking convenient and straightforward.


  • Easily access mobile phone files remotely, regardless of your location.
  • Synchronize real-time data using a 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Ensure enterprise security and confidentiality through effective supervision.
  • Record phone calls using your child’s phone.
  • Enjoy support for multiple languages.
  • Remotely capture screenshots for monitoring purposes.
  • Obtain data and passwords from the device being monitored.


In 2023, there are several top tracking apps available that don’t require permission from the device owner. These apps allow you to track and monitor various activities without the person knowing. Whether you want to keep an eye on your child’s phone usage or ensure the safety of a loved one, these tracking apps provide valuable features such as real-time location tracking, call and message monitoring, browsing history tracking, and more. With these apps, you can have peace of mind and stay informed about the activities of your loved ones.

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