Why OpenAI is silently shutting down its AI Classifier

In January, the AI specialist OpenAI announced an innovation that should recognize whether the content was created with generative artificial intelligence AI Classifier tools – or not. Now OpenAI seems to have given up.

OpenAI AI Classifier

Teachers are on their own again: last week, the developer of ChatGPT more or less quietly took its AI recognition tool “AI Classifier” offline because of “its low accuracy”. The statement was not included in a new announcement or press release from the company.

Only a note added to the blog post in which the tool was first announced indicates the end. The link to the OpenAI classifier is also no longer available.

OpenAI Working on its AI detection tool AI Classifier

“We are working to incorporate the feedback and are currently exploring more effective provenance techniques for text and are committed to developing and deploying mechanisms that allow users to understand whether audio or visual content is AI-generated,” wrote OpenAI in said note.

New tools that enable the use of increasingly sophisticated AI are emerging almost daily and have created a small industry of AI detectors. But the “ChatGPT” of all things has problems.

In January, OpenAI announced the launch of its AI classifier, claiming it could distinguish between text written by a human and an AI. Even then, however, OpenAI called the classifier “not entirely reliable,” adding that evaluations of a “challenge set” of English texts correctly identified 26 per cent of AI-written texts as “probably AI-written,” while those written by humans Text was incorrectly classified as being written by AI 9 per cent of the time.

OpenAI AI Classifier AI detection tool unreliable

According to the news, OpenAI stated that the “AI Classifier” is unreliable for text with less than 1,000 characters, that it incorrectly classifies text written by humans as written by AI, and that neural network-based classifiers perform poorly outside of their training data would.

OpenAi has already felt compelled to react to criticism from the education sector. “We recognize that identifying AI-written text is a major talking point among educators, and equally important is recognizing the limitations and implications of AI-generated text classifiers in the classroom,” OpenAI said in the post.

The company will continue to expand this sector when the time comes. So far, the company has not revealed more.

Why is OpenAI shutting down its AI Classifier?

Creator of ChatGPT San Francisco-based AI startup OpenAI quietly has shut down its “AI Classifier”, because the rate of accuracy was low.

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