ChatGPT Equipped Robot Dog Unitree Go2 Came out

ChatGPT Robot Dog Unitree Go2

The Chinese robot company Unitree has started pre-registration for its second-generation ChatGPT Robot Dog ‘Unitree Go2‘ fully equipped with ChatGPT Technology.

Unitree Go 2 is a robot dog equipped with chat GPT technology and remote sensing technology to follow the user, perform various actions, and even communicate with the user with the GPT support system.

ChatGPT-equipped robot Dog Unitree Go2 weight is about 15 kg, 40 cm in height and is about 68 cm long. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and has a built-in 8000mAh battery to operate for 1-2 hours with a single charge. With the dedicated app, you can view the live robot’s perspective or access a map generated from its scanning data. 

ChatGPT-equipped robot Dog Unitree Go2 basic model can run at 9 km/h and the more advanced pro model can run at 12.6 km/h.

The high-level model released this time is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lidar sensor as well as an HD camera that can map and explore the surrounding environment in real-time, avoiding obstacles and moving freely on difficult terrains such as stairs and rocks.

It is equipped with 12 motors, which are about 30% more powerful than the previous model, increasing its athletic ability. You can perform various movements such as jumping, backflips, standing on your front two legs, going downstairs, and sitting down.

The pro model has a GPT-supported voice engine, enabling users to request actions like “Shake hands,” retrieved through ChatGPT, generating the corresponding code for the action.

Unitree Go 2 comes in three models: Air, Pro, and Edu, and each model has a different performance. The cheapest Air model costs $1,600, and the Pro model costs $2,800. The Edu model’s price is undisclosed.

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