Circle of Kerzoven: Game with full simulation and Steam demo

Circle of Kerzoven
Circle of Kerzoven (image: Kerzoven)

Circle of Kerzoven was already represented at Gamescom in 2022, This year the building simulation can now also be played by everyone in the entertainment area. In the meantime, not only one person works on the game, but four. ComputerBase spoke to the developers and asked how things were going.

Simulation for each individual living being

Slowly but steadily, that’s the short answer. Graphically, it’s still not possible to uproot any trees; Circle of Kerzoven still looks a bit like Minecraft from an isometric perspective. But in detail, some textures have become much prettier and the lighting can be quite atmospheric in the right camera angle. And that also applies to the game world as such, which – and this is the great speciality of the game – is completely simulated and absolutely persistent. It is not new that the residents in a development game have their needs. But the fact that there are more than a dozen, maybe more if you ignore triple-A productions like Anno 1800 with all addons. That the system of different needs does not only apply to people, but to every wild beast; no other game offers this to this extent.

This is where conflicts can arise when the inhabitants of the medieval settlement like to eat meat, but the deer would like to survive and the wolf is also hungry. This may not be a challenge at first, but as the village grows, it becomes more difficult to balance the needs of the people with those of the environment. To make matters worse, the map isn’t all that big and animals can go extinct for good. Or multiply rapidly and then eat all fields bare when players have decimated all wolf packs.

Circle of Kerzoven
Circle of Kerzoven (Image: Kerzoven)

But what if finite resources are exhausted? This is where the newly shown world map comes into play, on which new biomes with their own flora and fauna as well as foreign villages can be found. With these, players can trade and interact diplomatically, perhaps even taking over. However, there will be no fights against other villages.

Play at Gamescom and on Steam the Circle of Kerzoven

When trying it out for the first time, Circle of Kerzoven seems very familiar at first. No wonder, since the game uses classic mechanics of building strategy. However, the longer the game is played, the clearer the consequences of the player’s decisions become. The complete simulation invites you to try out and observe. And that works well, as the pace of the game can be scaled from single speed to 300x speed.

With a large number of residents, however, the Circle of Kerzoven can quickly become a bit confusing, despite the comparatively small maps. Important menus for overall statistics and the management of the settlement are still missing, although the life and needs of each individual resident can be viewed down to the smallest detail. However, it will still be a few months before the release. Circle of Kerzoven is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access this winter, sometime between December and February. Interested parties can – once again – get an impression with a demo.

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