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The product that going to talk about this time is a headphone, from a brand that I don’t know much about, at least not around me. It is true that most of the headphones I have been using were given for review or borrowed, so it was a little difficult to see them as my own products. Let’s start the review of DALI iO6

It is a wireless headphone called iO-6 from DALI. A company called Dali seems to be a company with a name among headphone enthusiasts, but it is a company that few or no people around me know more than I thought. It’s because I haven’t heard of it in a while (I’m still buying it.. haha).

Dali is an abbreviation of ‘Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries’, which is a company for audiophiles. For reference, Dalin is a Danish company that mainly makes Hi-Fi speakers.

And it was a company for audio files, but the audio files we are talking about here mean music files close to the original sound or lossless for FLAC, 384 kbps MP3 files that are close to the original sound, not the common 128 or 256 kbps MP3 that we often talk about. In other words, it seems to be a headphone for playing high-resolution sound sources.

DALI iO-6 – box design

Let’s start the Dali io6 review with the box design.

DALI iO-6 - box design

On the front of the box, there is a product rendering of iO-6, which is approximately 1.5 times larger than the actual product. Just looking at the rendering image of the product displayed on the box, it doesn’t seem cybernetic, sophisticated, or antique. It doesn’t seem like a good design either. 

DALI iO-6 - box design

On the back of the box, each function of the iO-6 is introduced.

First of all, it’s called Authentic DALI Sound, but I’m not sure what that certified DALI sound is (laughs). The content written behind it says that it will give you a sound that is different from the sound you have heard in the meantime. I will mention that again below (laughs).

The iO-6 uses 50mm drivers, and in addition to Bluetooth connectivity, direct digital sound output is possible via a USB-C cable. It is also attractive that you can listen to it through a wired connection with a 3.5mm wired connection. Another advantage is that you can use the iO-6 to enjoy music while on the plane as an airplane adapter is also provided.

The battery lasts about 30 hours, and as mentioned earlier, unlike the iO-4, it provides a noise-cancelling function. However, as mentioned below, it is a bit disappointing that it is not at the level of ANC function provided by Sony’s WM-1000X series or Apple’s AirPods Pro.

DALI iO-6 – Case

Take a look at the travel case inside the box of Dali io6 review.

DALI iO-6 - Case

It offers a very luxurious travel case. It’s a pretty good case not only for travel use but also for general use when carrying the iO-6. In my case, I usually put it here and keep it.

When you open the case, you can finally see Dali’s iO-6. In addition, there is a part inside the travel case that can contain other contents together. I’d like to be able to put all the cables in there.

DALI iO-6 - Case

Inside the travel case, the iO-6’s ear cups are distinguishable, so the soft leather materials on the ear cups don’t touch each other. It seems like a good idea.

DALI iO-6 – Components

Now let’s take a look at the components of Dali iO-6.

DALI iO-6 - Components

Excluding the travel case, it consists of an iO-6 wireless headphone body, USB-C type cable, a 3.5mm wired connection line, and an airplane adapter. The USB-C type cable not only charges the iO-6 but also allows you to directly listen to digital sound by plugging it into a PC.

DALI iO-6 – design

Let’s take a closer look at the design of the iO-6 dali io6 review.

DALI iO-6 - design

The exterior design of the iO-6 is neat. If it’s simple, it may look simple, if it’s complicated, it might look complicated, but there are many reviews that say it’s simple, so let’s say it’s a simple yet clean design. In some ways, it also looks classy. Depending on the viewer, it may be different, but maybe it’s because it’s made with my own money.

The diamond-cutting of the housing on the outside of the ear cups looks good. And on the inside, the soft textured leather material completely covers the ears. For reference, the iO-6 is not an open type, but a closed type, that is, a headphone with the outside completely blocked. Most of the following wireless headphones are closed type.

DALI iO-6 - design

Most of the control buttons and LEDs are in the right earcup of the iO-6. First of all, there is a USB-C port for charging and PC connection, and there is also a power switch.

There are also Bluetooth connection LEDs and battery status LEDs. And there is a button on the bottom (?) of the USB-C port, which is a noise cancelling button.

If you touch the top and bottom of the earcup housing, the volume goes up and down, and if you press the plate, control functions such as playing and stopping music operate.

DALI iO-6 - design

As mentioned earlier, the part that covers the ears inside the ear cups is made of soft leather. I’m not sure what kind of leather it is (personally, I think sheepskin is good.. lol), but I think it’s an advantage that you can wear it comfortably and listen because it’s quite soft and doesn’t put pressure on your ears.

DALI iO-6 - design

It may be because the materials used are luxurious. it’s better because you can wear it comfortably without much burden.

DALI iO-6 – Features and Performance

First of all, the specifications written in the manual for Dali’s iO-6 are as follows.

  • The driver uses a 50mm driver
  • The response frequency (frequency you can hear?) is 10Hz to 20000Hz (20kHz)
  • Impedance (when in wired headphone mode) is 25 Ohm, so you can listen even when connected directly to a smartphone or PC
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • AAC, aptX, aptX HD codec support (I wish LDAC was supported… unfortunately)
  • 30 hours of battery life with noise cancellation
  • IP53 waterproof rating

Although the balance is on the compliant side, it shows a V-shaped balance with emphasis on low and high frequencies. In other words, the high sounds and bass sounds are a little emphasized.

DALI iO-6 – Overall View

Overall, the design is good, the sound quality is good, it is less burdensome and comfortable to wear, and the battery time is sufficient, so as mentioned earlier. Also, when listening via wire, connecting to a headphone amp and listening to it together seems to give me more feeling.

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