Exclusive Best App for Opening ZIP Files on Android

Archived files are a common file format we encounter, but not all Android smartphones have built-in file compression features. For those without this functionality, third-party archive management apps are essential. Thankfully, the Google Play Store offers a variety of the best apps for opening zip files on Android. Best app for opening zip files on Android.

Top 10 best app for opening zip files on Android

Discover the top Android apps for opening and creating ZIP files in this comprehensive article. Simplify your file management tasks with these powerful applications designed to handle ZIP files seamlessly. Explore the list and find the perfect app to enhance your file compression and extraction experience on Android.

1. RAR
RAR best app for opening zip files on android

RAR is a user-friendly and free file compression app designed for Android smartphones. It allows you to compress, extract, and create zip files directly on your device. RAR supports various file formats including ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7Z, ISO, and ARJ. Additionally, you can secure your files by creating password-protected RAR and ZIP archives. The app also provides convenient file management features, enabling you to copy, delete, move, and rename files and folders. Enjoy hassle-free file compression and management with RAR on your Android device.

2. WinZip

Discover WinZip, the renowned and free ZIP app for creating and extracting ZIP files. Enjoy extensive file format support including ZIP, 7Zip, 7X, RAR, and CBZ. WinZip goes beyond local storage, allowing you to access zip files stored on popular cloud platforms like Gdrive and OneDrive. Upgrade to WinZip premium for advanced features like AES encryption, seamless ZIP & email integration, and direct access to cloud storage for effortless ZIP file management.

3. ZArchiver
ZArchiver app to open zip file

Discover the top free Android archive management app, ZArchiver, for efficient and easy file handling. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly manage various file formats such as Zip, 7ZIP, XZ, and tar. Benefit from its multi-thread and partial archive decompression features. Try ZArchiver today for hassle-free archive management on your Android device.

4. ALZip

ALZip is a comprehensive and free file manager app for Android that offers a wide range of features for file and archive management. Despite being a free app, ALZip provides all the features you would expect from a premium file manager like MiXplorer Silver. With ALZip, you can easily compress files into various formats including ZIP, egg, and more, as well as extract files from popular formats like ZIP, RAR, 7Z, egg, tar, and more. Simplify your file management tasks with the powerful capabilities of ALZip.

5. Zipify

Zipify is a comprehensive file compression app designed for Android devices. Available on the Google Play Store, it allows you to conveniently view, compress, archive, and decompress RAR and ZIP files. The app is lightweight and automatically detects compressed file formats stored on your internal memory and SD card. However, it does not support password-protected files, limiting its functionality in that aspect. Keep in mind that Zipify is unable to create or open protected ZIP/RAR files.

6. 7Zipper

If you’re in need of an Android app for zipping and unzipping files, look no further than 7Zipper. This versatile app supports various file formats including ZIP, ALZ, EGG, TAR, GZ, RAR, JAR, and more. It even comes with additional features like an image viewer and text viewer to enhance your file management experience.

7. 7Z – Files Manager
7Z app to open zip file

If you need an Android app to manage archive files on your smartphone, 7Z – Files Manager is a great choice. It allows you to open and compress ZIP, RAR, JAR, and APK files effortlessly. Additionally, it supports password-protected encrypted files, as long as you have the correct password. Simplify your file management with 7Z – Files Manager on your Android device.

8. Zip Extractor
Zip Extractor

Discover the hidden gem of Zip Extractor, an efficient app for handling various file formats including 7zip, JAR, Tar, and RAR. Compress your files into ZIP, manage multiple files with the built-in file manager, and easily extract or view them without any hassle. With its user-friendly interface, Zip Extractor is the perfect choice for opening ZIP files on your Android device.

9. AZIP Master
AZIP Master

ZIP Master is a popular and user-friendly app for Android that allows you to extract ZIP and RAR files effortlessly. It is lightweight and known for its simplicity. However, it lacks certain advanced features like extracting encrypted files or creating password-protected ZIP files. Despite this, it remains a convenient option for managing archives on your Android device.

10. B1 Archiver
B1 Archiver zip rar unzip

B1 Archiver is a popular file compression app for Android, offering support for various formats including ZIP and RAR. With B1 Archiver, you can easily decompress files and even create password-protected archives. The app also provides a convenient Partial Extraction feature, allowing you to extract specific files from an archive.

These apps are reliable and user-friendly, allowing you to easily access and extract your compressed files. If you know of any other great apps for opening ZIP files, feel free to share their names in the comments section below. Simplify your file management on Android with these recommended apps.

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