Factorio 2.0: Space Age adds four new planets to the game in 2024

Factorio 2.0 Space Age

In just under a year, Factorio is to be massively expanded with the Factorio 2.0 Space Age expansion and a major update of the engine. The game is set to expand with four more planets, new science packs, and improvements to blueprints, trains, and robots. Blog posts should now take place more regularly.

Factorio 2.0: Space Age The waiting will come to an end soon

For Factorio players, the end of the long dry spell is finally in sight. An extension for the industry simulation was already announced by the developer Wube Software in 2021 – without details – for 2022. However, on the way to completion, the developers realized that this schedule could not be met and the fans were put off indefinitely.

Only two years later is there a new tangible schedule and for the first time a confirmation of what was already suspected: In the long-awaited expansion, the stranded player is now also sent into space and has to collect more raw materials there in order to send his rocket home to be able to

Make five out of one

In order to win Factorio in the current basic version, it has so far been sufficient to collect the necessary raw materials on Nauvis, the starting planet, and to launch a rocket. With the Space Age expansion, however, four more planets are now added to the player’s task list before the rocket can take off for home.

On the new planets, the player has to produce science packages as usual in order to be able to carry out research, with the help of which the stranded astronaut can get one step closer to his rescue. An unlabeled research tree already gives an idea of ​​the rough course of the upcoming DLC.

So the last planet can only be reached when the science packs of the four previous planets are successfully produced. However, neither conveyor belts nor trains are sufficient for the necessary exchange of resources between the planets: automated trade routes can be set up with the help of space platforms.

Factorio 2.0: Space Age Developer promises to balance

In all probability, however, the planets will not each replicate the known content of the starting planet. It has already been announced that the content of the base game in the expansion will only be available on later planets for balancing reasons.

Concept image for expansion from 2022
Concept image for expansion
from 2022 (Image: Factorio)

To compensate for this, the necessary effort on the starting planet should be limited in order to be able to set off to other planets earlier. To what extent these differ from each other has not yet been revealed in detail, but there should be ” new challenges ” and resources on each planet and the four new ones are therefore clearly different from Nauvis. A concept image of a new animal species was already shared in a previous blog post, so there could also be different fauna on the new planets.

Clear differentiation from the Space Exploration Mod

Seasoned gamers will have noticed that the official expansion bears similarities to Earendel’s Space Exploration mod. The modification already offers demanding players a generous expansion of the Factorio gameplay, as it also only starts after the actual victory in the basic game and adds new planets.

According to Earendel, who is also involved in the development of the expansion, the expansion and the mod differ massively in some key points. While the mod is mainly aimed at experienced players, the expansion should continue to enable simple gameplay and thus be interesting for all players. This should be reflected in the expected playing time: the mod boasts up to 500 hours, while the expansion only aims for 60 to 100 additional hours. Also, the Space Age will not add a new difficulty curve, just builds on the existing one and will not reach the difficulty of Space Exploration.

The implementation also differs at the end, because an extension can be tied much deeper into the game and the engine than an unofficial mod.

Factorio 2.0 also has quality-of-life improvements

In the course of Factorio 2.0, not only will an extension be completed, but the engine will also be adapted to it. Therefore, some elements of the base game will be improved for all players – regardless of whether the expansion has been purchased:

Examples of things that will be in the 2.0 update are the ability to control train systems better, better blueprint building, better flying robot behaviour and many more. 

release in a year

In the meantime, the expansion should have been “playable” internally for almost a year and therefore not much will stand in the way of publication in a year’s time. The content planning should also be completed. The team behind the indie game is still keeping a low profile on prices and other details, but in the future, the developers would like to publish a post on their own blog every Friday and provide the players with details until completion.

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