Fira Code is the Perfect Font for Programmers

Fira Code wants to make life easier for programmers. The font brings with it many ligatures used in programming languages. In this way, it makes spacing and thus reading code more pleasant.

Fira Code

Fira Code is a font that aims to make programmers’ lives easier. It makes code easier to understand by using a special feature: it improves code readability.

The challenge in programming is often that multiple characters are used to represent a single symbol. Such symbols are often represented by operators such as “:=”, “//” or “<=”.

In a block of code, these symbols take the place of two characters, which means that the code reader has to mentally put the characters together and decipher their meaning.

This process could be much easier if the symbols just took the space of a character so that they are directly recognizable and readable as a single symbol. This is where Fira Code comes into play.

The advantages of Fira Code

Fira Code joins these ligatures commonly used in code languages and gives them single symbol spacing. The font is available for free on GitHub and includes universally used ligatures such as different equals, comment characters or arithmetic characters.

In addition, there are specific ligatures for different programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, C#, Scala, Rust and many others.

As a special gimmick, according to the developer, Fira Code is the first programming font with special glyphs for rendering progress bars. They consist of an empty bar, a full bar and a spinning circle.

The Future of Fira Code

The font is already fully functional and will be continuously developed. Developer Nikita Prokopov is diligently working on a backlog of issues that mostly includes new ligatures and fixes for old ligatures.

If you want to support Prokopov, you can do so via GitHub Sponsors or Patreon. Programmers looking to improve their code readability should definitely give Fira Code a shot.

The benefits of using this font are obvious, and the developer’s continuous improvement and updates ensure that it remains relevant and useful in the future.

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