Fire-Boltt Cyclone Smartwatch: Is it Same as Apple Watch Ultra?

Fire Boltt Cyclone Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Cyclone Smartwatch features an attractive circular dial with a full metal body, that exudes sophistication and a sense of style. The smartwatch features a functional keyboard, a quick access button and a strap design similar to the Apple Watch Ultra that is expertly crafted to blend aesthetics with practicality. The moment you lay eyes on it, you know this is a tool crafted to perfection.

Fire-Boltt Cyclone – Specifications & Features

  • 1.6-inch HD (40.6mm) and Big Screen with Always on screen.
  • For customization, there are numerous watch faces available.
  • Sturdy full metallic body construction
  • It is embedded with Bluetooth Calling, Call history.
  • Equipped with an inbuilt Mic and Speaker
  • Features 1 crown and 1 quick access button for easy navigation
  • Boasts 85 Sports modes for fitness tracking
  • Supports Voice Assistant for hands-free assistance, Quick dial pad, and Contact synchronization.
  • Rated Dust and Water-resistant with an IP68 certification
  • Health monitoring capabilities encompass Slee. Includes reminders for drinking water and combating sedentary behaviour
  • Capable of Heart rate tracking, and Women’s health tracking.
  • Provides Smart Notifications, Weather Updates, 7 Inbuilt Games Smart Notifications, Weather Updates, 7 Inbuilt Games, Music & Camera Controls, Passcode Lock & Assisted GPS
  • NFC support for convenient payments
  • 390 mAh battery capacity
  • 8 days of battery life for Classic Mode
  • 25 days for Standby Mode
  • 5 days with Bluetooth calling functionality

Additional Features: More Than Just a Smartwatch

Beyond the core features, the Fire-Boltt Cyclone may surprise you with additional functionalities. Depending on the model and firmware updates, the smartwatch might come with a stopwatch to time your activities, an alarm clock to wake you up, sedentary reminders to keep you moving, and more. These added features make the Fire-Boltt Cyclone a truly multi-functional device for your daily life.

Price: A Smartwatch That Fits Into Your Budget

The Fire-Boltt Cyclone offers exceptional value for money, making advanced smartwatch features accessible to everyone. The smartwatch, priced at just Rs 2,499, will go on sale from July 24 and you can buy it conveniently from Flipkart and the official Fire-Bolt website. Moreover, with the availability in different colours like grey, black, orange and yellow, you can choose a smartwatch that best suits your personal style.

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Q: Is the Fire-Boltt Cyclone smartwatch waterproof?

Answer: Yes, It is IPX7 waterproof, making it suitable for swimming and other water-related activities.

Q: Can I connect the Fire-Boltt Cyclone smartwatch to multiple smartphones at the same time?

Answer: No, It can be paired with only one smartphone at a time.

Q: Does the Fire-Boltt Cyclone smartwatch have a built-in GPS?

Answer: No, It uses your smartphone’s GPS to track outdoor activities.

Q: Can I read the entire message on the Fire-Boltt Cyclone smartwatch?

Answer: No, it displays message notifications with a preview, to read the complete message, you will need to reach for your smartphone.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the Fire-Boltt Cyclone smartwatch?

Answer: Charging usually takes about 2-3 hours.

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