How to change DNS Server on your Phone

DNS server on phone

Absolutely! Just as we maintain a record of our friends’ phone numbers to contact them whenever needed, a DNS server can be compared to a phone book containing all the interconnected public IP addresses and domain names. It serves as an Internet directory that is used to convert alphanumeric domain names to corresponding IP addresses. Below you will get to know google how to change the Phone DNS server on your phone.

How does it? It maps a domain name to the IP address of the server/servers on which the website is hosted. Once your phone has the correct IP address, you can access that website and access the content provided on it.

By default, your ISP automatically uses your preferred and alternate DNS servers. Most people don’t even notice it. We just expect our internet to work only when we load some data. The IP address of a web page you load, as well as some other content such as images, iframes and other IP addresses, is also associated with it. The whole point is that it all helps to slow down the browsing experience. Let’s start with Google on how to change phone DNS.

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DNS on Android

how to change the DNS server on Android Phone, using custom DNS addresses necessitates having a static IP address, which involves additional setup steps. Here the router method is recommended. Setting the “static” IP setting will affect the process of address allocation by DHCP and should only be used as a short-term workaround. To work correctly, you will need to configure your router and add the device’s MAC address to the static IP.

The DNS setting will only affect your current Wi-Fi network connection. There is no option available to change the DNS setting for your 3G/4G data network connection. Second, you’ll need to change the DNS server settings for each Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.

How to Change DNS Settings on Android Device

Change DNS Settings on your Android Device by following these steps:

 – Open Settings on the device.

 – Select “Wi-Fi“.

 – Long press on your current network then select “Modify network“.

 – Mark the “Show detailed options” check box.

 – Change “IP Settings” to “Static“.

 – Enter the DNS server IPs in the “DNS 1” and “DNS 2” fields.

 – Press the “Save” button, disconnect from the network and reconnect to apply the changes.

DNS on iOS

How to change the DNS server on Your iPhone or Phone typically utilizes the DNS servers offered by the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. However, you have the option to configure a custom DNS server and use any preferred DNS server instead. Each Wi-Fi network you connect to has its individual DNS server setting. If you wish to use your custom DNS server on multiple Wi-Fi networks, you’ll need to modify this setting separately for each Wi-Fi network.

How to Change DNS Settings on iOS Device

To configure the DNS addresses on your device, follow these steps:

 – Open the Settings app.

 – Tap on Wi-Fi. If it’s currently disabled, turn it on.

 – Select a Wi-Fi network from the list and tap on the blue “i” icon next to it.

 – Tap on the text field below the DNS label.

 – Enter the desired DNS addresses.

 – Tap on the “Wi-Fi” option at the top to go back. The changes will be saved automatically.

DNS servers can give you faster Internet access by reducing latency, better security through encrypted browsing history, and filtering harmful/adult content.

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