Is Meta’s Threads app facing a rapid decline? 50% drop in its daily user base.

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Recent reports show a staggering 50% drop in its daily user base within 10 days.

Meta’s Threads app witnesses a steep decline, losing half its daily users within 10 days. This significant drop in the user base raises concerns about the app’s popularity and performance. The decline highlights the challenges faced by Meta in its attempt to establish Threads as a strong contender in the social media landscape.

In a remarkable debut, the Threads app soared to new heights, attracting an astounding 100 million sign-ups within its inaugural week. However, the latest data reports present a stark contrast, unveiling a significant and concerning downturn in user engagement within a mere 10-day period.

Threads App’s Popularity Plummets: Meta’s Attempt to Rival Twitter Falls Short

Meta’s brand-new app, Threads, which set out to challenge Twitter’s dominance, is facing a rapid decline in its user base. Despite an exciting start with over 100 million sign-ups within its first week, recent data reports reveal a significant drop in Threads’ popularity.

Launched earlier this month amid much anticipation, Threads initially grabbed the attention of millions. However, the initial excitement seems to fade as recent statistics paint a worrying picture of Threads’ dwindling user base.

When Threads made its debut in early July, it boasted around 49 million daily active users (DAU). Shockingly, within just 10 days, this number plummeted by half, leaving the app with a mere 23 million DAU. Even user engagement has taken a hit, with fewer people logging in after the initial week of usage, as highlighted by analytics firm SensorTower.

While it’s not uncommon for new apps to generate a lot of interest, Threads’ reliance on Instagram for promotion played a big part in its early success. By seamlessly integrating with users’ existing Instagram accounts, Threads eliminated the need for a separate registration process.

However, when compared to Twitter’s strengths, Threads falls short. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri clarified that the app wouldn’t prioritize news content, restricting interactions primarily to users’ existing networks. This approach limits the app’s potential to reach a broader audience, as users would have to follow new accounts to expand their content exposure manually. Furthermore, the absence of a real-time news ecosystem, a cornerstone of Twitter, widens the gap between the two platforms.

Why a 50% drop in its daily user base within a mere 10 days?

Another drawback of Threads is its lack of an anonymity feature, unlike Twitter, which has a significant user base of anonymous accounts. Threads do not effectively cater to this particular segment, which might contribute to its declining popularity.

In an effort to tackle increasing spam attacks, Threads recently announced the implementation of rate limits. However, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri acknowledged that these limits could unintentionally affect some active users. This announcement caught the attention of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who has been critical of Meta’s social media ventures from the start. In a lighthearted response to a screenshot of Mosseri’s post on Threads, Musk amusingly commented, “Lmao Copy.”

As Threads faces a steep decline in popularity, it becomes evident that the platform encounters significant challenges in rivalling the success of Twitter. Despite an impressive start, the app’s limitations in news content prioritization, lack of anonymity, and heavy reliance on Instagram integration have hindered its ability to retain and expand its user base. As the social media landscape becomes increasingly competitive, Meta will need to reevaluate its strategies to rekindle Threads’ momentum and secure its position in the market.

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