LINE Yahoo introduces its own chat AI service of OpenAI API

openai api

Z Holdings has concluded a usage contract for all APIs provided by OpenAI, such as “GPT-4“, and has started using it at group company LINE and its subsidiary, Yahoo. In addition, LINE and its subsidiary, Yahoo, have started providing their own AI assistant service with interactive chat using API for about 20,000 employees.

The target of the usage contract is all APIs such as “GPT-4”, “Embeddings”, and “DALL E” provided by OpenAI as of July 1st.

For internal use of the original AI assistant service, we have established a secure environment that can be used only under the internal network environment of each company by performing internal authentication and network restrictions. The input and output information is not used for OpenAI model training or OpenAI API service improvement, and it is designed not to be used for secondary use or provided to third parties, so it also supports the use of confidential information. Target API.

GPT-4, GPT-3.5, GPT-3 (large-scale language model)

Embeddings (vectorize sentences for the purpose of performing search, clustering, classification, etc.)

DALL E (generate images and images from text)

Whisper (voice) Transcription)

Moderation (judge the sensitivity of the text)

Users will be able to use it in a wider range of business situations, such as creating templates for documents and emails, correcting drafts, researching, classifying texts, translating foreign language texts, generating ideas, and more with openai API ChatGPT.

In June 2023, ZHD launched the “Generative AI Utilization Promotion Office”, an internal promotion organization for generative AI organized by members of ZHD, LINE, and Yahoo, and 63 people belong to it. Also, in March, the “Generative AI Usage Guidelines” were formulated for all ZHD Group employees.

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