Songs of Silence: Ambitious fantasy game strategy genres

Songs of Silence
image: Songs Of Silence Official

Songs of Silence will be a fantasy strategy game that combines 4X macro-level turn-based strategy, real-time battles, and playing cards, while not being a trading card game or a deck builder. At Gamescom 2023, the Munich studio Chimera Entertainment showed gameplay for the first time.

An ambitious global, turn-based and real-time strategy game

Songs of Silence - Turn strategy at the macro level
Songs of Silence – Turn strategy at the macro level (Image: Chimera Entertainment)

Songs of Silence is due out on Steam over the next year. The developers did not want to give an exact date in conversation with ComputerBase, but a release in 2024 is certain – from this, it can be concluded that Chimera Entertainment is not only aiming for December 2024. The Munich studio currently employs around 70 people, 30 of whom work on Songs of Silence with financial support from the Federal Ministry of Economics. Most recently, the developer was mainly responsible for mobile games and browser games but wants to find his way back to his PC gaming roots with a complex strategy game in his own newly created fantasy universe.

The keyword “mobile games” makes all the alarm bells ring for many PC gamers, but Chimera Entertainment knows how to calm things down: Songs of Silence will be a full-price title, without a season pass, without loot boxes and microtransactions and, in terms of scope and complexity, a fully-fledged PC game. Strategy game that developers drew inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, and WarlordsAddons and DLC are again planned, the developers probably want to take Paradox Interactive as a model. But there should also be new content for free.

It’s not exactly easy to classify Songs of Silence into one of the usual strategy genres. Chimera Entertainment is not developing a full-fledged global strategy game, important mechanics suggested by this genre are missing, such as politics, research or economic simulation. Nevertheless, Songs of Silence offers a 4X strategy, only this is ” streamlined “. The focus is on exploration, gathering resources, armies and the management behind them, as well as strategy and tactics in battle. And the implementation is indeed highly complex, the developers keep reassuring.

Songs of Silence With heroes, units and maps to your own army

Songs of Silence real time strategy in battles
Songs of Silence real-time strategy in battles (Image: Chimera Entertainment)

On the macro level, i.e. the world map on which the actual 4X gameplay takes place, Songs of Silence uses a turn-based strategy. However, for the individual battles that can be started from this view, the game switches to real-time strategy. The individual units or regiments act autonomously. While players can adjust the deployment before the fight begins, they can only intervene indirectly afterwards. This is via playing cards that temporarily make units in a radius stronger, order them to retreat or order all cavalry to dash to a rallying point. Over time, players get new cards or can improve them.

These cards are tied to heroes who act as leaders of the armies. These heroes are divided into 15 different classes, each of which comes with its own set of cards, but can also be adapted to the player’s preferences via their own builds. In addition, there are ” more than 100 ” different units, which sometimes show synergies with each other or counter each other in the rock-paper-scissors principle. Each of the three playable factions at the start of the game has around 10 to 15 unique units, the rest are open to each faction. With these tools, players should be able to design a completely individual army with their own strengths – and weaknesses – that suit their own playstyle.

Songs of Silence New fantasy game world with impressive 2D graphics

Songs of Silence artwork
Songs of Silence artwork (Image: Chimera Entertainment)

Although Songs of Silence offers a three-dimensional game world with an isometric camera perspective for both levels of the map, the general art style is dominated by much more expressive 2D graphics, which, according to Chimera Entertainment, were inspired by Art NouveauYou come across these pretty and above all atmospheric drawings again and again while playing, which forms a pleasant contrast to the 3D graphics, which are adequate for the strategy genre but not particularly detailed or special.

Chimera Entertainment deliberately chose its own universe for the setting: the developers want to build their own brand, hopefully beyond a single game, they say. Songs of Silence play in two fantasy worlds inspired by European sagas and especially German folklore with profound lore, they say, which is colorful and atmospheric on the one hand, but on the other hand stands on the brink of an apocalypse.

There are two races in the game: humans with eyes that cannot see, starborn, who are on the side of light, and the firstborn, or progenitors, who came first, without eyes – not surprisingly – and are on the side of shadows. And these two factions don’t necessarily get along well, leading to increasingly frequent and larger conflicts. And then there’s the mysterious silence that threatens to erase everything. However, players in Song of Silence will not save the game world, the developers note, the campaign deals – first of all – with a local conflict.

Featuring single-player, multiplayer and demo in October

This single-player campaign, which is a central part of the game and on which the developers are currently focusing, should occupy around 20 hours when Songs of Silence is released. The story is mostly told in dialogue. There would also be cutscenes, but not too many. There is also a multiplayer mode that players can either play cooperatively against the AI ​​or as a classic PvP mode for up to six players. Given maps with randomized opponents events should offer games with around two to four hours of playtime. A round of Songs of Silence can easily be played in one evening, explains Chimera Entertainment. Songs of Silence – Reveal trailer

Of course, that’s not yet possible, because the developers can’t come up with an open beta version at Gamescom. However, Songs of Silence will participate in the next Steam Next Fest, which begins on October 9, 2023. And then there should be a freely accessible demo version.

System requirements for Songs of Silence

processorIntel Core i5-8400T (1.70GHz)Intel Core i7-7700T (2.90GHz)
random access memory8GB RAM16GB RAM
graphic cardNvidia GeForce GTX 1050Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
storage space5GB HDD/SSD
operating systemWindows 10 (64-bit), DirectX 10

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