The Best E Ink Tablets, E-Readers, and E-Notes For 2023

The Best E Ink tablets, E-Readers, and E-Notes

With the increasing slimness of laptops, these portable devices have become essential tools for productivity and entertainment. Whether you love gaming, binge-watching shows, or reading, tablets offer convenience and versatility.

You don’t need to go for the most expensive tablet on the market for budget. For might not be the most budget-friendly or user-friendly choice. If you concerned about the impact of too much screen time on your eyes, it could be time to consider an E Ink screen.

Lets, take your time to explore and find the perfect tablet that fits your needs and lifestyle!

1. ReMarkable 2 – Best E Ink tablets for writing and taking notes

reMarkable tablet
Photo reMarkable

Are you a student who likes to take handwritten notes? Remarkable 2 is the perfect E Ink tablet for you! It comes with 0.19-inch thick and weighs 399g  so you can easily carry it in your bag. This tablet has a 10.3-inch special display screen that makes your writing and text look clear and sharp.

You’ll love the variety of options it offers for note-taking. There are over 40 different page templates, including seven for music notation alone, and the software is user-friendly, with easy-to-find buttons at the top for adding notebooks and folders.

ReMarkable 2 also comes with some great features. It has 8GB of storage for all your notes and files. And guess what? Now you can convert your handwriting into digital text! How awesome is that?

Even better, these features that used to require a separate subscription are now included for free on every device. So, there is no extra cost for those cool features! If you want a great tablet for writing and taking notes, the ReMarkable 2 is definitely worth considering. Happy note-taking!

2. Kobo Elipsa – Best E Ink tablets for Reading for most Users

Koba Elipsa
Photo Koba Elipsa

Kobo, an e-reader maker, exists for a long but is smaller than Amazon. Unlike Amazon, Kobo offers an e-reader with touchscreen and stylus support. They were the first to bring a 10.3-inch device with a waterproof e-reader and stylus.

Kobos, like the Ellipsa model, are fantastic e-readers that can last for weeks on a single charge. Kobo lets you customize your reading: adjust margins, line spacing, font and size to your liking, regardless of screen. The included stylus works great for taking notes on PDF or Kobo eBooks, including library books.

Speaking of libraries, Kobo’s ebook library service is a great partnership with Overdrive. This means that if your local library uses Overdrive, you can easily browse and download library books directly to your Kobo device. 

However, Ellipsa’s note-taking feature isn’t the best. Writing with the stylus takes a while and the notebook options are pretty basic. They offer only four templates in the basic notebook and one lined template in the advanced notebook. The good thing is that advanced notebooks let you add pictures, diagrams, math equations, and a free-form section. With this, you can also convert your hand-written notes to text. But there are only a few pen types and five pen brush sizes to choose from.

3. Apple iPad (10th Generation) – Best for Users

Apple iPad 10-Generation
Photo Apple

If you’re an artist who uses Photoshop or needs a tablet for video editing, consider the iPad Pro or iPad Air! These iPads have the same super-powerful M1 and M2 processors as Apple’s laptops and smartphones. 

Interested in gaming, shows, books, and surfing the web? In that case, the 10th-generation iPad might be right for you. This is a great option only in RS. 40,000 and came out recently. 12.9-inch large Retina display, USB-C type charging port, and Touch ID, also, they moved the front camera to the edge, making video calling in landscape mode much easier!

Powering this iPad is the A14 Bionic chip, which Apple introduced in 2020. It’s still a solid performer and should handle most tasks like a winner, even if you want to use it for simple productivity stuff.

For an artist who needs a powerful tool for editing, The iPad Pro or iPad Air could be best. But for gaming, streaming and everyday use, the 10th-generation iPad is a great choice!

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 – Best for Android Users

samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Tablet
Photo Samsung

Did you know that Apple and Amazon tablets have certain restrictions on where you can get content and applications? Someone doesn’t like this approach. 

Although finding great tablets for the Google mobile system is challenging, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is an excellent option at 50,000 rupees.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 — the smallest and most affordable of the three tablets presented by Samsung last year. It can boast an 11-inch display and a special fingerprint sensor on the side for additional security. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 works with the Samsung S Pen and has 256 GB storage, expandable with a microSD card — unlike any iPad. It offers more freedom and creativity options for note-taking and art. Choose it for a versatile tablet experience!

5. Kindle Scribe – Best for Reading for most users

Kindle Scribe tablet

Check out the amazing Kindle Scribe! It has a fantastic 10.2-inch display with 300 pixels per inch, making reading a joy, especially for larger texts. When you use the Scribe to write or draw, it feels very natural and pleasant. Yet, its software has some flaws preventing perfection.

The Scribe is like a super-sized version of the Kindle Paperwhite or Oasis, but it doesn’t have physical buttons for turning pages like the premium Amazon e-readers. The words on the screen look sharp and clear, and the device itself is really fast and responsive. If you like reading and writing, the Kindle Scribe could be perfect for you!

The Scribe is good for big-screen e-reading or handwriting notes in Amazon books, but not recommended for PDFs or in-line note-taking. It’s best as a large, excellent Kindle.

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