Titan Quest 2: The release date has Finally Officially Announced

Apart from Gothic 1, another top title was officially announced by THQ Nordic: Titan Quest 2! release date is coming soon. Many fans must have been waiting for this for a long time, as the work on the game has been an open secret for a long time. The new trailer is at least quite impressive and brings back memories of the first part from 2006.

Titan Quest 2

Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, seethes with anger

In the second part of Titan Quest 2, everything revolves around the old gods from Greek mythology. This time, it’s the goddess Nemesis who’s out of control. It poisons the so-called threads of fate and thus condemns not only you but also many others to damnation. Of course, that doesn’t work at all, and so you set off to thwart Nemesis’ plan.

You start as a young mortal hero and can eventually work your way up to a mighty hero who can even rival the gods. Does that remind you a little of Diablo? Yes, exactly! The first part already competed with Diablo 2, so the second part will also be in direct competition with Diablo. Blizzard should start sweating a little…

A fabulous adventure

The game will take you through a huge game world where you should see everything from Greek temples to stalls that you would expect from a game world inspired by Greek mythology. You will also meet many magical creatures: including centaurs, sirens, gryphons, satyrs, harpies, and ichthys.

Explore the cities and talk to the residents there. Collect items that can be useful to you and develop your hero’s character. According to THQ Nordic, you should even be able to create your own classes. Of course, you can also look forward to a multiplayer mode.

Die-hard Titan Quest 2 fans shouldn’t be able to wait for the release. However, patience is required: This year, there will definitely not be anything with a release. We have to be prepared for a long wait. The game will come to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X.

TITLE: Titan Quest II

GENRE: Action, RPG

DEVELOPER: Grimlore Games


FRANCHISE: Titan Quest

RELEASE DATE: Coming soon

Require System


  • OS: tbd
  • Processor: tbd
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: tbd
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Sound Card: tbd
  • VR Support: tbd
  • Additional Notes: tbd


  • OS: tbd
  • Processor: tbd
  • Memory: 32 GB RAM
  • Graphics: tbd
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Sound Card: tbd
  • VR Support: tbd

Key Features of Titan Quest 2

Character customization:

In Titan Quest 2, you have complete control over your destiny. Create your own class by combining two masteries after customizing your hero. Build your character around the strengths and weaknesses of both masteries, experimenting with different skill modifiers, attributes, and items to create your own hybrid class and discover your favorite playstyle. Develop your abilities from those of a youthful mortal to those of a god-rivaling hero!

Meaningful loot:

Each item serves a purpose, and each character class has various possibilities for acquiring the appropriate equipment. By using affix crafting, even the most basic spear can be improved. With the correct materials, you can even forge it into a special item that is only mentioned in the affix crafting literature.

Action RPG combat is challenging:

Enemies join groups and collaborate, using their distinct skills and abilities to keep you on your toes. In this unique action RPG game, use the rich character development system and utilise every skill at your disposal to vanquish them.

An exquisitely constructed universe with roots in Greek myth:

As you travel the planet on your heavenly mount, Areion, you will pass by beautiful landscapes and vast tunnels. Use the gods’ powers to discover hidden areas and explore vertically designed levels.

Online multiplayer:

Team up with pals to take on the Goddess of Retribution. Sometimes, like Jason and the Argonauts, you need a bunch of heroes to accompany you on your adventure.

Rich and immersive audio:

An atmospheric soundtrack fuses classical and modern orchestral elements to produce grand, enduring tunes that immerse you in Titan Quest 2’s own world.

Titan Quest 2: Release Date

The release date of Titan Quest 2 is not yet available on Steam; it’s Coming soon.

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