Twitter X-Odyssey: Over 2,200 lawsuits since Musk took over

Since Elon Musk took over the X predecessor Twitter, the lawsuits and court cases have been piling up. These relate not only to the lack of rent payments for office buildings but also to the severance payments for employees who have been laid off en masse.

Twitter lawsuits
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So the operating company X Corp. faces 2,200 arbitrations involving severance payments for former employees alone, CNBC reports. This emerges from corresponding court documents from Delaware, which became public on Monday.

The former employees are suing because promised severance payments have not been paid. In addition, X would have delayed the resulting arbitration proceedings because registration fees for the JAMS dispute resolution system had not been paid. The JAMS fees alone result in costs for X which, according to CNBC, amount to around 3.5 million US dollars. And that only affects the arbitration proceedings, the severance payments for terminated employees are added again – and should be significantly larger.

Musk has laid off several thousand Twitter employees since October of last year, the number has fallen from over 7,000 to under 2,000. The procedure was sometimes so erratic that, according to media reports, some teams were no longer functional, even though they were responsible for relevant parts of the infrastructure. The consequences were technical problems.

Twitter lawsuits: X list of lawsuits since the acquisition

Class action lawsuits are pending in both Delaware and California due to the delay in arbitration, according to CNBC. In California, there are 891 cases in which former X employees accuse the company of having to agree to arbitration in exchange for a severance payment. As CNN reports, Musk had promised the employees three months’ salary.

Lawsuits are not uncommon in Musk’s Twitter or X era. The last time Musk caused a stir when he changed his name from Twitter to X was a brightly lit logo on the roof without obtaining official approval. There have been repeated disputes over rent payments, and Der Spiegel recently collected further lawsuits in an overview – without claiming to be complete.

Most recently, X took action against the anti-discrimination organization CCDH, because its analyzes concluded that hatred and hate speech against minorities was spreading on the platform. X now accused the CCDH of unauthorized access to data and also spoke of damage because reports by the CCDH would scare away potential advertisers. Even without such analyses, right-wing extremist content caused bloodletting, and companies (temporarily) stopped placing ads.

X is also suing four Texas companies whose names are not known because they have collected masses of data. A procedure that X wanted to curb with API restrictions, for example.

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