Use Stable Diffusion directly in Photoshop: With this plugin

There is a plugin on GitHub created by Abdullah Alfaraj that allows users to use the popular image AI Stable Diffusion directly in Photoshop without having to switch back and forth between programs. This saves time and work and also ensures good results.

Photoshop Stable Diffusion plugin?

There are always great developments in the open-source area. A good example here is Stable Diffusion. The image AI model can be used freely under an open license. Developer Abdullah Alfaraj took advantage of this and created a free integration with Photoshop.

Alfaraj’s Auto Photoshop Stable Diffusion plugin allows users who have no experience with artificial intelligence to use the model directly in Adobe’s Photoshop for their own experiments. The plugin can be easily used in the Photoshop application and even an automatic installer is available.

How to Use Stable Diffusion Directly in Photoshop

The tool has an intuitive user interface, so no extensive prior knowledge is required to use the model. The plugin supports various functions such as the well-known image generation, but also something like image manipulation.

ControlNet has also been integrated, allowing users to add an “explanatory” image to their prompt to improve image composition. The minimum Photoshop version supported by the plugin is Photoshop V24.

Abdullah Alfaraj’sGitHub repository breaks down the full functionality of the plugin and shows interested users step-by-step how to install and use the tool. In addition to images, some code and the breakdown of possible problems encountered, there are also videos with tutorials on the Auto Photoshop Stable Diffusion plugin.


However, the plugin also provides a great environment for experimentation and can be helpful in improving image compositions.

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Who Created the Photoshop Stable Diffusion plugin?

Abdullah Alfaraj created the Photoshop Stable Diffusion plugin, to use it directly in Photoshop.

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