Why is Generative AI increasing cyberattacks?

As generative AI such as ChatGPT and bard is disseminated, new industries and opportunities for growth are emerging. However, attempts to exploit it are also developing rapidly, and global threats are also increasing.

Generative AI increasing cyberattacks

In particular, it is pointed out that an alternative is needed as even experienced cybercriminals and beginners who are not familiar with hacking can easily increase the attack success rate through generative AI.

As Study Says ChatGPT is getting worse and worse Day by Day. In another way according to related industries on the 25th, more than 200,000 hijacked OpenAI accounts are traded on the dark web and are being abused for cyberattacks.

Cyber attacks using generated AI

Cyber attackers can launch highly personalized phishing attacks using generated AI and personal information obtained through illegal transactions. Through this, they infiltrate corporate networks and carry out large-scale attacks to gain financial gain, such as stealing data or launching ransomware attacks.

Recently, it was discovered that a generative AI, WormGPT, specialized in cybercrime, was developed and traded separately from ChatGPT or Bard, causing a stir in the security industry.

WormGPT, which has learned from various hacking-related data, responds to all malicious user requests, such as developing hacking tools by removing all ethical protection devices or providing attack methods optimized for user penetration, unlike existing generated AI, causing greater damage in the future. I am concerned.

In particular, there are predictions that domestic companies that have not yet sufficiently advanced their security systems will suffer enormous damage, such as theft of personal information or paralysis of corporate services.

Study Says ChatGPT is getting worse and worse

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Industries’ Thoughts on Generative Ai Attacks

An industry official said, “For many years, many domestic companies have tended to judge that it is more economical to pay fines than to strengthen security.” As the number of cyberattacks itself is rapidly increasing, we need to recognize the risk and prepare for it.”

In addition, related industries predict that a large number of attacks aimed at social chaos will occur, such as generating and distributing fake images and videos using generative AI ahead of the 22nd general election for members of the National Assembly and the US presidential election next year.

Such cyber-attacks are expected to begin in earnest in the second half of the year, centring on state-based hacking organizations such as North Korea.

In preparation for this, the National Intelligence Service also plans to take a more active defence posture in the second half of the year. It plans to strengthen its security system in cooperation with artery bureaus such as the United States and private security companies, and will closely monitor North Korea’s actions and diplomatically impose sanctions on the other party’s actions as much as possible.

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